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Big freeze winter gritting and snow clearance OUTCO

The big freeze is here this week, heres whats happening

As the UK braces for a big freeze and wintry showers this week, it is important for us all to be prepared for the changing weather conditions.

Temperatures are expected to drop below freezing for much of the country this week, with lows of minus 8’C forecast for Tuesday. Snowfall is possible, but there is “a lot more uncertainty than normal” in forecasts.

Time to get your Snow Clearance in place

Last week, higher ground in Scotland and northern England experienced the first snowfall, a common occurrence for late November.

Over the weekend, temperatures fell below freezing across much of the country, and the coldest temperature recorded was -7.7C in Shap, Cumbria, Saturday morning.

This week has started with a cloudy and damp start, followed by sunnier spells, but it will become unsettled as the week progresses. Meteorologists have stated that day temperatures are likely to range from 2 to 7 degrees Celsius, below the average for this time of year, with the possibility of snow showers in northern and eastern parts of the UK, even at low levels. That said, there is more uncertainty than usual in the forecasts due to the ongoing battle between milder tropical air and colder Arctic air, typical of the UK’s climate. However, Tuesday night is anticipated to bring a big freeze and frost to many areas, with temperatures ranging from -2C to -5C and possibly dropping as low as -8C, particularly in the north of England and rural Scotland.

The week ahead widespread frosts

Tuesday will be the coldest night of the week, with temperatures of around -2C to -5C, and possibly as low as -8C across parts of the north of England and rural Scotland. Expect a freeze with widespread ice on the roads.

On Wednesday the commute is likely to be slow and cumbersome on Wednesday morning and allow extra time to scrape windshields free of ice. Snow showers expected on the North Sea coast, including Scotland and the northeast of England, and possibly in Hampshire in the south.

Showers expected across southern England and Wales, turning to snow over higher ground on Thursday.

Widespread frosts are expected round the country starting Tuesday morning. In our experience, this is the time of year to focus on keeping employees and visitors safe. Have a plan for how employees will get to and from work in case of icy conditions, and encourage employees to report any hazardous conditions on your facility, such as icy footpaths. If self-delivering your winter gritting, focus on maintaining business operations by stocking up on supplies, such as a grit bin with salt and shovels, to keep footpaths and car parks clear of ice and snow. Have a plan for how you might handle powercuts or transport disruptions caused by the weather, with arrangements in advance for employees to work from home if required.

Snow showers are expected to affect northern and eastern parts of the UK, particularly over high ground. While significant accumulation is unlikely, there is a chance of snow falling to low levels at times. Showers and hill snow are also possible in parts of Scotland and northeast England, where it will also be windy.

On Tuesday, extra wind will bring in a wind chill factor. The highest gusts of wind are expected to be between 15-20 mph, with average speeds of 10-15 mph. The wind will be from the north or north-east, and it will be bringing in cold air from Scandinavia. Winds will start to pick up on Wednesday afternoon, and they will continue to be strong on Thursday. However, the winds will start to die down on Friday and Saturday.

Stay Prepared With Winter Gritting

For over 20 years we have provided market leading Winter Gritting for business and have more combined winter experience in our wider team and managers than any other organisation in the UK. Our winter services are all ISO accredited – 9001, 14001 and 45001. Including our multiple industry awards, we have also written the UK Winter Maintenance industry guidelines and best practice in association with the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM).

We understand that the implications of getting timing or delivery wrong can have profound consequences for our customers, operations, and reputations. OUTCO utilises the latest precise weather forecasting technology to ensure that we service individual sites based on the most accurate data available. We allow no risks – whilst the industry–standard operating practice is to grit based on red trigger levels, we will keep you covered on amber level warnings as well.

Winter Gritting Quotation

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