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Commercial efficiencies in an underserved market with OUTCO

Commercial efficiencies matter. With the increasingly regulated outdoor FM environment, managing sites has never been more time-consuming, nor has the management of your supply chain.

Property Managers hold a supply book of thousands of contractors, choosing the right partner has never been more critical, ensuring an experienced and transparent contractor that makes site compliance simple to you is a unique offering in the UK estate management market. Several contractors will offer this but for a restricted audience whether that is by location such as a single city, sector, such as small retail units or offering a single specialist trade, meaning you require a long list of contractors for your site to tailor for specific needs.

By offering the UK’s first end-to-end estate maintenance and compliance solution, OUTCO provides a full and integrated range of resources that are suited to cater for any scale of project, from minor pothole and fence repairs to grounds maintenance and winter gritting through to major resurfacing project, anywhere in the UK.

There are no other national outdoor estate management companies in the UK offering a service which focuses on delivering absolute compliance and understands the commercial benefits of a safe and well-maintained outdoor estate. 

Providing you the benefit of Time

Then there is time, something we all take for granted, yet something we never get back. How much more could we do with that extra hour we could have gained if “someone else just did their job right” or how many times have you said, “there just isn’t enough hours in the day”.

What if all this could be substituted for a single contractor, offering all your service line requirements, powered and backed by technology?

By using a single contractor to manage, maintain and ensure compliance in the property market gives you time, less time on the phone to multiple contractors, less time chasing rogue contractors who haven’t turned up on-site, less time identifying contractors fit for purpose and more time for you to get on with your job and maybe just get that 5pm finish every once in a while.

Powered by Technology

The power of technology is now at our fingertips, yet we still do not utilise it as much as we can, here is where OUTCO is different from any other contractor in the UK. OUTCO, is powered by technology, ensuring better performance and complete transparency of site compliance 365 days a year. Our smart technology provides detailed auditing and reporting offering clients peace of mind that their estates are being effectively and safely managed around the clock.

OUTCO automated service notifications

Digital job sheets are automatically issued to all teams and service notifications are sent to clients to validate the service. This is followed by automatic completion reports which confirm that a job has been successfully undertaken.

The OUTCO difference:

  • Real-time validation (most other tracking solutions on the market offer retrospective tracking and can only be done after the event). This means that each unique job raised every day can only be signed as complete on our system once several cross-checks have been verified
  • Validation checks included: Vehicle in right place, PDA report completed correctly, reported service in-line with client specification, service times correct and per the schedule
  • OUTCO automated validated service reports are issued to clients in real-time via email, our app, or available on our online portal
Outdoor Estate Compliance Experts, powered by smart technology delivering commercial efficiency.

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