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OUTCO is proud to announce that we have been recognised within the University of Leeds Sustainability Awards 2021 and are part of the team that won their Protecting Our Planet award.

It is essential that Heathrow remains compliant, safe and operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This becomes even more of a necessity during the winter months. OUTCO delivers 24/7 winter gritting and snow clearance service to Heathrow each winter season.

A key operator of commuter and regional services in South East London and Kent and parts of East Sussex, OUTCO delivers a highly performing 24/7 winter gritting and snow clearance service to Southeastern’s sites each winter season

SGN has a number of sites around the UK, with the highest volume of staff being located at the six main office sites. SGN approached OUTCO to provide an ice and snow clearance service, since they were at that time a local solution, at their biggest site. SGN needed to roll out to the other sites too, as it was becoming a wider issue. OUTCO confirmed it could provide a national package.

OCS has had a nationwide contract with Fujitsu. Due to the stringent requirements and the highly sensitive nature of the sites, OUTCO needed to provide a bespoke service to Fujitsu. This would be a true partnership of all parties involved, where site management teams would liaise directly with the OUTCO management team to ensure the best possible service at all times during the winter season

We have worked with Northern under contract since November 2016 and are now entering our fourth season. For the past three seasons we have delivered exceptional performance, including during extraordinary cold weather events such as the Beast from the East in 2018. Last year we attended 99.9% of sites within time, with zero inspection failures

NHS Property Services Ltd Birmingham has employed the services of OUTCO since 2015. OUTCO was initially recommended by another NHS body. The contract was put out to tender and OUTCO won on service and cost differentiators. One of the principal aims of NHS Property Services Ltd Birmingham is to maintain a constant high level of support for hospitals, clinics and hospices. They need to supply 24/7 coverage, in all areas of their services, which includes keeping the roads, paths and car parks free of snow and ice in the winter months. This is essential as the NHS has a statutory obligation to keep staff, patients and visitors as safe as possible.

Leeds Jewish Housing Association budgeting issues have been resolved as treeworks now form part of a planned budget rather than reactive budget, and the association have a detailed understanding of the tree stock and condition and potential risk across the portfolio, satisfying the associations Insurers