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OUTCO winter indemnity

Winter Indemnity

OUTCO’s aim is to minimise risk, maintain your reputation and reduce all the hidden costs of managing this process yourself.

Winter Indemnity

OUTCO’s aim is to minimise risk, maintain your reputation and reduce all the hidden costs of managing this process yourself. OUTCO will not only complete your winter risk assessment for you but also offer full liability protection based on your risk assessment. We effectively take responsibility for your legal duty of care with regards to the health and safety of employees and other visitors in respect of the risks of ice related accidents during the winter months. Claims made against any of our clients for any alleged failure in service, will be managed by our insurers.  

In the event of an incidentOUTCO will manage the process and co-defend claims on your behalf by successfully demonstrating that best practice and your duty of care has been met. The OUTCO service is underwritten and endorsed by QBE, a global insurance group. 

Liability protection, backed by innovative technology

We offer a degree of transparency and protection against winter liability in a way that no other business can.  

Our clients benefit from a more joined up and proactive approach to risk management and compliance that is powered by our innovative use of leading-edge technologyOUTCO can provide real time data and visibility on gritting and winter services that have been delivered, offering a clear audit trail of activity over time. We deliver this real time and compliance data directly into our client’s systems through in-house APIs. 

As well as making services easier to manage, our compliance monitoring and reporting enables clients to effectively manage risk and remain compliant at all times. 

Winter health and safety

Our winter risk assessment evaluates specific hazards and potential dangers on your site is an additional tool for your health and safety toolbox, and demonstrates your compliance under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999. 

OUTCO’s Health and Safety management system is OHSAS 18001:2007, 14001:2015 and 9001:2015 certified with zero non-conformance and minors, providing the framework, policies, processes and methods to effectively manage health and safety. Our systems are externally audited by independent parties, giving you assurance that we meet our legal and statutory obligations and provide a safe working environment for stakeholders. 

Industry best-practice risk assessments

As part of our site survey process during the contract mobilisation period, we will use industry best practice risk assessments to identify potential health and safety hazards and assess risk likelihood and associated severity. Suitable mitigation measures will be identified and used to create the method statements for all areas of work we will be carrying out. The method statements will include details on how to prepare for a task and the safe systems of work that must be followed when carrying out the task, including how to use PPE, signage, equipment, chemicals and machinery. 

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