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Winter road with snow

Winter Service Packages

OUTCO provides competitive costing options to suit client needs and budgets.

Winter Service Packages

The extreme winter of recent seasons has further cemented our advice: don’t wait until it gets cold before booking your winter gritting and snow clearing services. 

OUTCO uses industry leading advanced technology combined with powerful data to accurately model and predict on-site weather conditions. This helps us provide clients with the precise information required when determining which service is most suited to an individual site 

At OUTCO we offer three competitive costing options: 

  1. Cost Per Visit (CPV) 
  2. FixedPrice  
  3. Hybrid Price 

Cost per visit

Choosing the CPV option, clients pay for each winter service visit on an “as used” basis. This ensures you only pay when the weather conditions trigger a visit. OUTCO’s CPV option provides flexibility and allows us to deliver winter services when required. 

OUTCO offers peace of mind that outdoor estates are safe, compliant and accessible all year round.


For cost predictability, fixedpriced options are ideal and ensure peace of mind no matter how harsh the winter. The fixed price option is an all-inclusive cost for the season for us to carry out winter services (apart from additional callouts) when the agreed weather condition trigger is reached. 

Hybrid price

For clients seeking a hybrid model that combines elements of both arrangements, we can create a bespoke commercial plan to meet your needs. We can also work with clients to customise the triggers for visits according to pre-agreed exact temperature or snow conditions and advise on best practice for doing so while keeping sites safe and compliant. 

Critical factors when determining costs

Site size: this affects how long we need to spend on site and how much salt is needed. We will measure each site carefully, using special software, to ensure 100% accuracy. 

Site layoutfor each site we produce a detailed service plan, which clearly identifies which areas need to be serviced, and by which method, during each service visit. 

Activation temperaturewe use Road Surface Temperature (RST) as the trigger to activate our winter gritting service. We usually operate to a service activation temperature of 0 degrees Celsius but for critical infrastructure, such as hospitals, this is often increased to 1 degrees meaning we attend site to deliver winter gritting services more frequently over the season. 

Locationwhere the site is located will affect the temperature and therefore how often a site triggers for a service; each of our sites is allocated a weather code to ensure our client’s sites are serviced every time forecast conditions meet the trigger temperature. 

 OUTCO provides attractive commercial terms for clients who take allyear packages combining winter services, grounds and landscaping, infrastructure and surfacing works. By bundling services together, you will benefit from the confidence that your outdoor estate will be kept safe, compliant and operational all year round, as well as benefiting from our economies of scale and supply chain efficiencies. Contact us or your account director for more information. 


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