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Snow Removal or Clearance

Snow removal or clearance are terms that can be used interchangeably, these are in fact different tasks. Snow clearance means moving the snow away from car parks, paths etc and leaving it onsite somewhere where it can melt away in its own time. Snow removal means actually taking the snow away from site altogether.
Snow Removal or Clearance Quote

Snow Removal or Clearance

Although these terms are used interchangeably, these are in fact different tasks. Snow clearance means moving the snow away from car parks, paths etc and leaving it onsite somewhere where it can melt away in its own time. Snow removal means actually taking the snow away from site altogether. Snow removal can be appropriate where space is at a premium but businesses will prefer the lesser cost of snow clearance.

Business Snow Removal

In areas where snow can become a business transport problem, companies with snow removal equipment provide services to remove snow. Snow removal companies do work on different terms: on an on demand basis, on a full season contract, or on call status.

On Demand Snow Removal

On demand services (or per-push) is usually invoiced monthly and customers will be charged for each time services are provided. Beware: some snow removal companies charge per-time and per-inch where the depth of the snow is even taken into account. On demand snow removal services is where the client makes contact with the snow removal company to initiate a single clearing. This is not an automatic service and charges are always higher for on demand jobs.

Snow Removal Season Contracts

A full season contract is quoted and paid upfront at the start of the season and services will be provided automatically according to the contracted terms. Terms may sometimes differ between companies. For example, some full season contracts will simply completely expire after a certain amount of trips where others are unlimited according to the predefined activation points.

OUTCO Snow Removal

OUTCO snow removal services includes car park snow removal, path snow removal and occasionally roof snow removal. We have access to hand shovels, walk behind snowblowers (or snow throwers), truck plows, skid-steers, 4x4s fitted with snow plows, light-weight tractors, and heavy front-end loaders.

Offered Cheap Snow Removal?

After large snowfalls, local snow clearance contractors with snow plows often drive through business parks offering to plow for money. Typically such snow contractors maybe farmers with tractors or drainage companies with large apparatus and teams available. These can definitely be cost effective, but also have their limitations.

In terms of specialist apparatus for car parks, dedicated snow clear companies have 4x4s that are nimble and can clear a car park accurately – nor do they have the automatic insurance against accidents. Another question worth asking is what salt they ice to melt snow. If you’re happy with messy carparks then the normal brown/orange grit is your friend, but if you’d like your place to look tidy when it all melts insist on white salt. Check carefully that there are no extra charges during the Christmas/New year period. This is especially important if you’re in the delivery business as peak is the last time that you need problems with your delivery, or extra expense.

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