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Snow Removal

Snow removal is critical when space is at a premium, OUTCO can remove snow from your site altogether.
Snow Removal Quote

Snow Removal

Snow removal is different from snow clearance, which involves taking the snow and pushing it to somewhere safe on your site which is out the way, to let the snow melt away in a safe place. OUTCO can remove snow from your site altogether, which is often required when space is at a premium.

Ordering OUTCO snow removal

Ordering snow removal is simple.   

  • OUTCO will digitally map out a clients’ site and agree areas to be cleared using the latest technology. 
  • We will then attend a sites and perform a physical snow removal site survey. This allows us to identify any on-site features we need to be aware of when performing snow removal.  
  • Once any potential hazards or areas where additional care and attention is needed (i.e. where the snow piles up), has been identified, we will report our findings back and once agreed, we can start our service. 

OUTCO snow removal process

Our snow removal service involves monitoring the weather on behalf of our clients, and whenever snowfall is forecast to reach a certain depth, we will attend site with our snow apparatus, collect the snow and remove it. We can also perform de-icing on the area afterwards, so the site remains free of risk and fully compliant and clear of both snow and ice. 

OUTCO provides two snow removal services, on demand or season contract: 

On demand snow removal

OUTCO can provide an on-demand snow removal service, which is usually invoiced monthly and clients are charged for each time snow removal services are provided. Beware: some snow removal companies charge per-time and per-inch where the depth of the snow is even considered 

OUTCO on demand snow removal is not an automatic service. The client is required to contact OUTCO to initiate a single clearing. While this does provide a short-term solution, charges are always higher for on demand jobs. 

Snow removal season contract

OUTCO offer a full season contract snow removal service, which offers clients budget certainty and the ability to manage costs at the start of the seasonThe OUTCO snow removal function will be provided automatically, according to the contracted terms. Terms may sometimes differ between snow removal companies. For example, some full season contracts will completely expire after a certain number of trips, where others are unlimited according to the predefined activation points. 

We keep our customers compliant

Whichever snow removal service our clients opt for, OUTCO’s focus is on ensuring that outdoor estates are fully compliant and safeWe provide the comfort that outdoor estates are safe and accessible all year round and give clients the confidence that their outdoor estate will be safe, compliant and fully operational.

We are driven by technology

Our clients benefit from a more joined up and proactive approach to risk management and compliance that is powered by our innovative use of leading-edge technology. This ensures greater transparency of both opportunities and risks across sites, more accountability and better service.  

Our bespoke technology provides real time data and visibility on what’s been delivered, offering a clear audit trail of activity over time. We deliver this real time and compliance data directly into our client’s systems through in-house APIs. 

We offer a degree of transparency to your outdoor estates in a way that no other business can.  


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Snow Removal Quotation

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Do you require a winter gritting or snow clearance quotation?

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Snow Removal Quotation