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A CCTV drainage survey can provide you with a clearer picture of your drainage system.

Why summer is still a critical time to maintain your drains

It is still critical through the summer months facility managers monitor and maintain their site drainage systems.

As drainage specialists, we are often inundated with emergency repair works too late, after drains were not maintained through the summer, then as the heavy downpours arrive, drainage systems cannot cope with the water fall and cause ponding at the surface level.

Summer months can bring multiple issues for drain channels, from the temperatures causing issues within the plastic piping to debris collecting and falling into the pipes themselves, either causing blockages or even damage and cracking. Trees and bushes grow significantly during the spring and summer seasons and their roots often grow breaking surrounding pipes and drains, causing cracks and damage. Tree roots also often cause new blockages or worsen existing ones.

What’s that smell?

When the temperature is high, our drains dry up, giving bacteria free rein and causing nasty odours

We often find drainage issues escalate as the rain arrives, previous damage to pipes may not be evident due to the summer months and little rainfall, as the UK weather deteriorates these issues are identified and risks to site heighten. A CCTV drainage survey will identify any issues below ground and the benefits of no-dig technology can ensure issues are resolved without the need for expensive excavation and site disruption.

But how can a drainage survey help me? – Click here to find out more

Planned Preventative Maintenance can assist sites with drainage maintenance, this is the routine cleansing and CCTV survey of your drainage system completed on a regular basis. Our drainage PPM plans can ensure any potential issues are identified and resolved before becoming a costly problem.

To read our top tips for maintaining your drainage system click here: https://www.outco.co.uk/insights/top-tips-for-maintaining-your-drainage-system/

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