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First impressions – why smart winter gritting is so important

Car park winter gritting is more important to a business than most would initially think. First impressions are lasting impressions. Car parks are often first physical touchpoint that will influence the customer experience. Outdoor spaces need constant maintenance. Neglect or under-investment will not only cost more in repairs but will most likely cost you in lost revenue from perturbed visitors. Car parks reflect your brand and company.

The correlation between increased dwell-time and revenue

A recent study by Path Intelligence an organisation that monitors footfall in UK retail store showed that there is a significant and positive relationship between dwell time and sales“. They found that 1% increase in dwell time resulted in a 1.3% increase in sales.

The retail world understands how important it is to maximise the amount of time a customer spends with them. Short version, how much customers spend is a direct result of how long they spend in store and on site. The longer the average shopping time, the more sales are made. Happy customers will therefore spend more time with you.

Winter gritting car park maintenance

In winter you must keep your car parks free from snow and ice to ensure they remain safe. Visitors who arrive and find a car park covered in snow or potholes are less likely to want to leave their car and spend much time with you. Conversely visitors that slip on untreated surfaces will potentially leave you exposed to a costly compensation claim that could end up costing you thousands of pounds, as well as harming your reputation.

A safe car park with winter gritting is an inviting car park

Pedestrians are at great risk of slips and trips when walking on snow and ice, which could lead to a costly compensation claim. Make sure your car-parks, walkways and areas prone to ice have been gritted with de-icing salt and are free from snow.

OUTCO teams operate 24/7 across the UK, maintaining your car park, repairing potholes in a matter of hours and providing essential winter gritting to keep you safe open and operational.

Find out how our all-round team delivers tech-enabled smart winter maintenance and other services…

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