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Winter gritting and snow clearing

How winter gritting brings peace of mind during a changeable winter

As a property manager, it’s important to remember that even milder winter weather can still pose a threat to the safety of people on your site. While the temperatures may not be as low as previously experienced, it’s vital to stay prepared for the possibility of icy or snowy conditions and have your winter gritting and snow clearing requirements booked to cover you for every eventuality.

Statistics and historical data report that February is often the coldest month of the year for winter gritting

February night-time temperatures in the UK are typically near freezing. This occurs because the Earth’s Northern Hemisphere emits more energy than it receives (from the sun) for nearly two months after the winter solstice.

It doesn’t take much for the temperature to fall below freezing, especially at night and early hours of the morning. One of the best ways to ensure that your property is safe and accessible during winter is by using a professional and adaptable winter service provider such as OUTCO to provide your winter gritting services.

Benefits of using OUTCO as your professional winter gritting provider

  • Our winter operatives are fully trained and prepared to handle all aspects of winter gritting and snow clearance.
  • OUTCO provide 24/7 support via our help desk and customer portal.
  • We have winter-specific equipment such as dedicated 4×4 vehicles with snow ploughs and salt spreaders to handle tasks effectively and efficiently.
  • With nearly two decades of winter service experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to know when and how to apply different grit and de-icing products for maximum effectiveness.
  • OUTCO utilises the very latest weather forecasting technology which is accurate and specific to localised road temperature forecasts.
  • Our winter service is backed up by our comprehensive insurance and documented evidence of service to prove your duty of care to help protect you against a potential compensation claim.

OUTCO can react quickly and adapt to changeable weather conditions. By working with us you can rest assured that your roads, car parks and pavements will be maintained correctly throughout winter.

As a property manager, being ready for the whole winter season is crucial. Working with a professional winter service provider such as OUTCO is an effective way to achieve this. We have the equipment, expertise, and know-how to ensure your property remains safe, compliant and accessible during winter, saving you time, effort and unexpected costs.

Find out how our all-round team delivers tech-enabled smart winter maintenance and other services…

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