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Winter gritting slips

Taking winter safety seriously to avoid compensation claims. The real cost of winter gritting…

When it comes to winter safety, make an ‘investment’ in winter site safety – many of us still don’t take slips on ice seriously enough. It is worrying how many people believe that providing a safe environment for colleagues and visitors is too expensive.

Nearly half of all workplace injuries are slips and trips.

The economic impact of these accidents equates to well over £500 million to UK Employers resulting in 130,000 lost working days each year. Employers have a duty of care to provide a safe place of work, and this includes avoiding incidents that occur more frequently in winter due to the presence of snow and ice. According to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), slips, trips and falls in the workplace cost employers over £500m per year and 31% of all non-fatal workplace injuries were caused by slips, trips and falls. According to NHS figures, around 2,500 people are admitted to hospital from winter falls on snow and ice. With more investment in winter gritting and snow clearing services, we are in no doubt that the number of serious injuries would be reduced.

A straightforward internet search reveals an almost overwhelming number of injury solicitors who are prepared to take on cases via a no-win, no-fee basis, with often a step-by-step guide on how to make a claim. According to the Ministry of Justice, a typical compensation award for an injury sustained from a winter accident will run into thousands of pounds.

A typical winter slip related compensation claim for injuries could be anywhere between £10K – £20K for a severe wrist injury that could cause permanent pain and stiffness and £40K – £85K for modest brain injuries that affect concentration and memory.

The indirect costs when a winter incident happens on your site

When an accident occurs on your site, several hidden costs are incurred which directly impact your business and annually cost UK businesses millions of pounds every year. These hidden costs have a significant impact on business revenue and can have negative, long-term consequences.

Indirect costs when a winter incident happens

Looking only at the short-term cost implications of having a winter maintenance plan in place is to neglect the bigger risks of being found wanting in the event of an accident. OUTCO aims to minimise risk, maintain your reputation and reduce all the hidden costs of managing all winter maintenance activity. OUTCO will not only complete your winter risk assessment for you but also offer full liability protection based on your risk assessment.


Find out how our expert winter maintenance team can help…

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