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Extreme weather and winter gritting services

The New Reality of Winter Gritting in the Era of Extreme Weather

In recent years, the UK has experienced increasingly unpredictable weather patterns, with extreme summer heat waves and frequent storms during winter months. This has led to more disruption for us all, but especially for businesses, farmers, and individuals who rely on the weather for their livelihoods.

Winter gritting and outdoor maintenance has changed dramatically in the era of extreme weather, necessitating more robust and innovative solutions to keep roads and car parks clear to prevent disruption.

The warmest year on record

Last year was the warmest year on record, with the UK record of 40.3C being recorded at Coningsby in Lincolnshire on 19th July. However, more worryingly is the top 10 warmest years have all occurred within the past two decades! As we observe the data it’s clear that “human-induced” global warming is already impacting the UK’s climate.

Colder than expected December

Sub-zero temperatures haven’t left us yet. We only have to think back a few weeks to December when the UK was in the grip of a spell of severe cold weather, with snow, ice and fog warnings in place across the UK. The bout of freezing temperatures caused widespread disruption to transport networks, essential services, logistics providers, as well as individuals.

December 2022 brought an end to the 15-month run of above average temperatures and was actually colder than usual, and the first two weeks of December were the coldest start to meteorological winter since 2010.

December 2022 weather statistic snapshot:

  • The only colder than average month during the whole year
  • Drier than average
  • Sunnier than average.

Is winter gritting needed and how should property managers react to extreme winter weather?

Preparation and working with the right partner such as OUTCO is the key to success. Keeping people safe is a year-round task, but during the winter months it’s critical as your sites should be free from snow and ice. At OUTCO we combine years of winter experience with the latest weather forecasting technology to ensure we keep sites safe, open and compliant, no matter the weather.

  • Nearly two decades of winter gritting and snow-clearing experience
  • Latest weather forecasting technology
  • Ground temperature service activation
  • Winter-specific trained staff
  • Nationwide coverage with over 500 vehicles on the road.

Find out how our all-round team delivers tech-enabled smart winter maintenance and other services…

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