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Fencing Services

OUTCO fencing services can help you keep your perimeter fencing and site entry points in good working order and well maintained. Fencing maintenance is important not only for security, but also for aesthetics. We can provide a variety of fencing options, including perimeter fencing, decorative fencing, and temporary fencing. We also install and repair gates, entry doors, and fire escapes.

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OUTCO can help you keep your perimeter fencing and site entry points in good working order and well maintained. This is important not only for security, but also for aesthetics. We can provide a variety of fencing options, including perimeter fencing, decorative fencing, and temporary fencing. We also install and repair gates, entry doors, and fire escapes.

With Fencing maintenance expertise in a wide range of fencing types, including metal, wooden, plastic, chain link, and more, we offer comprehensive repair, installation, maintenance, and supply solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements. As a trusted fencing contractor and company, we take pride in delivering top-quality services, competitive pricing, and expert advice to enhance the security, aesthetics, and functionality of your property fencing. Whether it’s commercial or residential, we have you covered!


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Fencing plays a pivotal role in safeguarding both people and facilities. It serves as a formidable barrier against trespassers, vandals, and intruders, deterring unauthorized access and minimizing the risk of theft or damage. This protective perimeter is particularly essential for schools, playgrounds, and other areas frequented by children, ensuring their well-being and fostering a sense of security.

Beyond safety, fencing also contributes to the overall aesthetics of a facility, creating a visually appealing and welcoming environment. A well-maintained fence can elevate the curb appeal of a property, enhancing its perceived value and potentially attracting more visitors or customers. Additionally, fencing can effectively screen unsightly areas or manage noise pollution, further contributing to the overall ambiance of a facility.

Furthermore, fencing serves as a practical tool for managing and controlling access to specific areas within a facility. It can be used to demarcate designated parking zones, restrict access to hazardous areas, or separate different sections of a property for safety or security purposes. This controlled access not only enhances safety but also promotes efficient operations and organization within a facility.

Well-maintained fencing is an indispensable element of facility management in the UK, offering a range of benefits that extend beyond mere physical protection. It safeguards individuals and assets, enhances property value, and contributes to the overall aesthetics and functionality of a facility. Investing in proper fencing maintenance is a wise decision that yields tangible returns in terms of safety, security, and overall facility value.

Asset Maintenance Services

Potholes & Surface Repairs

With a range of pothole and surface repair solutions available for car park repair, OUTCO can help you extend the life of your surface asset and keep it safe and hazard free. Our fast solutions can have you site open and operating again in as little as 15 minutes

Line marking

Effective line marking is an important requirement to safely guide and instruct traffic and pedestrians flows around your facility. From a simple line marking refresh to more complex brand-new design and installation, OUTCO can help keep your site well directed, safe and compliant

Paving & Walkways

Paving & Walkways repair cannot usually be done by property owners or managers without access to specialist tools, equipment, operatives and products required to do the job properly. OUTCO is here to help you – quickly!


Reinforce your site with bollards maintenance, installation & repairs from OUTCO. Our asset maintenance teams are on hand for all kinds of maintenance & solutions

OUTCO’s asset maintenance teams can conduct a professional drain survey at short notice. Our national teams specialise in drain inspections using advanced camera technology

Drain Maintenance

If your site is experiencing drainage problems, such as ponding in the car park or water build-up within your drains or manholes, look no further than OUTCO drain maintenance

Meticulous road sweeping including car parks and paving to remove leaves, litter and other debris, using a range of suitable machinery and manpower from sweeper teams to high-capacity vehicles

OUTCO waste clearance service ensures any fly-tipping, dumping or any general waste left on your site can be quickly and safely removed, ensuring your facility remains clean, safe and well maintained

Jet Washing

Had a spill on site, or do you just need to refresh your shop fronts or walkways? OUTCO’s jet washing service can refresh, and pressure clean your hardstanding areas from paint, oil, graffiti or the build-up of moss or algae


OUTCO condition surveys are a detailed GPS-tagged photographic assessment of your facility’s exterior assets, reporting on their current condition and highlighting any hazards or health and safety risks with a RAG rating

Hazard Reports

Clients receive detailed hazard report, including RAG rated and GPS-tagged photographs showing you the identified hazard and its exact location

Our Success Stories

BNP Paribas Real Estate has worked with the UK’s leading winter risk management specialist, OUTCO, since 2008. OUTCO looks after a portfolio of properties for BNP Paribas Real Estate across the UK, and specifically manages 100-120 properties in the Midlands.

ineos outco

OUTCO has worked with INEOS since June 2017, delivering a broad scope of grounds maintenance services to the client’s primary oil refinery site in Grangemouth, Scotland. We manage around 1 million m2 of green spaces, maintaining these areas around offices, substations, bunds, fencing lines, pipeline tracks, and open spaces

Supermarket giant Morrison’s contacted OUTCO surfacing to discuss improving access and egress to the busy superstore in Ecclesfield Sheffield.


Environmental Winter Gritting OUTCO

While prioritising pedestrian and automobile safety is crucial, we would issue a warning that businesses should be responsible about excessive salt usage in their winter gritting, as it can be both costly and environmentally harmful

OUTCO Asset Maintenance Services for all your lifecycle maintenance and emergency repairs.

The aftermath of a winter storm maybe somewhat daunting, but our asset maintenance services are available on call to quickly assess damage, repair and prevent further deterioration, making sure that none of your outdoor assets leave you with a health and safety headache for suppliers, visitors or staff

maintenance ideas now that christmas is over, Winter Gritting, Gutter Clear, Pothole Repair, Tree Surgery and Inspections

Winter is a challenging season for outdoor facility maintenance. The cold temperatures, snow, ice, and freezing conditions can cause various challenges and potential damage to the outdoor aspects of a facility

electric winter gritting

Prepare for snow bombs, the weather phenomenon that can result in huge snowfall & transport disruption in the UK. Explore our blog post to understand how to effectively manage snow clearance for businesses.

UK snow clearance for business

According to the weather experts, several weather factors across the UK are aligning to make snowfall and snow clearance likely next week, with the potential for some areas to be blanketed in white for a prolonged period

car park snow clearance

Three vital snow tips to keep your business operating smoothly (and your clients smiling) even when the white stuff starts coming down